TONIGHT: Thursday night (9/22/16) on CNB

TONIGHT: Thursday night (9/22/16) on CNBC at 10pm EST-AMERICAN GREED (Season 10, Episode 19) Titled “Family Fortune Feud”-A mother battles her son over the future of a publishing empire amid accusations of squandering millions of dollars.”
The main character of Confessions of a Self-Help Writer (The Journal of Michael Enzo), which was the #1 Most Wished for Book of the Year-ALA (American Library Association),Los Angeles Times: Best General Fiction,and Best New Voice, Foreword Reviews: Top 10 Best Books of the Year (winning 2nd Place for the Best Humor Book of the Year), London Times-Best New International Voice in Fiction, and the New York Times-Best Visionary Fiction book was based on tonight’s subject of American Greed and in this exacting interview, deeper truths are exposed, and the paper trail leading up to this episode is first reveled:

Oprah says your life is too boring to carry a 5 minute segment-(Link on Website)

Buy Today and “Discover what turns someone from preaching salvation towards seeking its destruction. This is a true story.” BWW Broadway World Books:

About bdehaven

DeHaven keeps his heart in Chicago and his soul in New Orleans-that's why he lives in Las Vegas. He holds a MBA from Tulane and a film degree from Columbia. Once ejected from a community college for arguing Frost's agenda in Birches, he has since written screenplays, traded futures in Madrid, and was Editor in Chief of the Nola Shopper Newspaper.(and enterprise Michael Enzo Bankrupt) He also has a "shout out" in a Jay "Z" Song. He and Michael Enzo were friends. "A celebrity ghostwriter, you’ve never heard of, examining his own life of crushing addictions and alleged organized crime connections while struggling to present the truth behind our own behaviors." Author of Confessions of a Self-Help Writer (The Journal of Michael Enzo) the #1 Most Wished for Book of the Year on Indie Bound for over 14 weeks
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